The older masseys


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@TAFKAT you might be able to help me with this one. Does your book say what the MBH means under the serial number. Is for where it was made or has it to do with the specification of the tractor?

kverneland es 80

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How many hours are each of them clocking up? What type work do they do.
They are semi retired now.the 168 was the only tractor on the farm in the late 70s early 80s..the 300s do a bit of topping pole driving .rear silage grab for feeding on a out farmand farm maintenance. And they might hit a ploughing match or 2 around Christmas. 20k hrs on the168 the 390s have just on the 5k


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I'll have to consult a different book if I can find it, can't remember off the top of my head. That's a very late 168 serial number though, last one was 261173
That's the uncle's one. The website I may have miscalculated how far from the end it was. I think it was bought new in October 1979 with a 1974 massey ferguson 135 also bought new in 74 being traded in against it. Has one owner from new but has probably been round the clock one or 2 times, anything it ever needed it got.

I got the original brackets and back window off it to get a new one cut out for the 240 and as a template to make new brackets too, the back window was like new, it broke in 1980 with a new one being bought straight away but was never put back on out of fear it would break again.

The man that bought it new was the same man who I bought my 135 from, which used to belong to his cousin/neighbour. Sadly the man that bought it new died there a few months ago with the Covid before I could do it up. I'll prioritise it this summer. It's too good of a tractor to let sit like that.


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@TAFKAT you might be able to help me with this one. Does your book say what the MBH means under the serial number. Is for where it was made or has it to do with the specification of the tractor?
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M=8 speed transmission, B = high clearance and H = heavy front axle .It was totally different over here with the Q cab regs in June 77:unsure: edit 76 that was the cut off date for 100 series apart from the 135 with the Cabcraft QD cab
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As an aside to my "What impressed you today " , about the neighbours MF 135 .
Another neighbour bought that particular 135 brand new in 1969 . No cab . No loader . Long swinging drawbar . Foot throttle . Short pto and short lift arms . A bronze 35 4 cylinder was sold to a cousin to make way for it . That 35 was a hoor to start , and ended up with another cousin a mile away , where it still is , but in retirement. The late Richard Moynan overhauled the engine in the 35 25 plus years ago , and was relatively easy to start after that .

In December 1975 , a new Flexi cabbed 135 was bought in Tullamore Motor Works , main MF dealers , from salesman , Andy Armstrong, who died last year or year before .
I don't know what money was given for it , but the Ford 5600 here ,was bought 2 months later for £4100.
The neighbour that I was talking to today , bought the 1969 135 for £1500. Private sale between close neighbours , and no trade in against new 135 It had around 2000 hours done , still on original tyres and no cab . He got a new Longford safety cab fitted straight away .
It was brush painted possibly 30 years ago , but all panels etc are straight . Tyres have plenty of grip , but all agey.
It's probably worth 3times the money that he gave for it 46 years ago.
Ramblings of an ould lad .
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We sold our MF 135 when it had over 7000 hours on it. It was bought complete with Bettison dual wheels and went to the Bog beyond Athy . A couple of the pictures are the day she left.


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A nice example. Not so sure on the model number. Would have said it is a 203 with 3 cyl engine and 65 back end. Nothing to be found on Google on a 706 as far as I can see.